Zelboraf Vemurafenib 240 mg


Zelboraf is a prescribed medicine . It is a cancer medicine that stops the growth and spreading of cancer cells in the body. It is also used to treat melanoma (skin cancer)  that has spread to other parts of the body or cannot be removed by surgery. Zelboraf is also used to treat Erdheim-Chester Disease (a rare blood cancer). To buy Zelboraf or to know its price contact 3S Corporation.
Manufacturer :-  Genentech Inc Daiichii Sankyo


Strengths available :- 240 mg
Form :-  Tablets
Storage :- Store t room temperature 20° C  to 25 ° C
Is the medicine FDA approved :- US FDA Approved
Date of approval :- 17 August , 2011
Dosage :- The recommended dose of ZELBORAF is 960 mg (four 240 mg tablets) orally every 12 hours with or without a meal. A missed dose can be taken up to 4 hours prior to the next dose. Do not  crush or chew the tablet.


Common side effects of Zelboraf include: squamous cell carcinoma, keratoacanthoma, skin photosensitivity, and erythema.


Pack of 120 tablets


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