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Welcome to 3S Corporation:

“Healing begins not just with medicines but with the emotions, feelings and intention attached with them” or so has been quipped many a time by our wise elders and ancestors who knew how to administer medicine in the most proper way without any harmful or side effects. Well, the same goes for any company or corporation dealing in the Medicine sector. And we feel proud that we have been quite successful in satisfying our customers with our provision of medicines from some of the top branded firms in India and the world over.

3S Corporation is presently one of India’s leading stockist, exporter and wholesaler for Anti-cancer drug and Oncology medicines. We supply and export Sex Enhancement Drugs, Cardiac & Anti Diabetic Medicines too. We are a registered wholesaler and exporter for pharmaceutical products licensed by our own FDA and Drug Controller in India. Our license numbers are 20-B/MZ6-23015 & 21-B/ MZ6-23016.

With the help of our large network with manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and all other kinds of suppliers across India, we specialize in supplying clients with bulk quantities of difficult to find drugs and medicines at competitive rates and prices. We sell every possible vaccine available on the counter, recommended by any type of doctor imaginable.

3S Corporation is a professionally managed organization and an outfit made up of a dedicated, committed and highly motivated core team and possesses an experienced work-force with good background in the comings and goings of the pharmaceutical industry. We offer a wide range of products which are manufactured by reputed manufacturers around the globe.

We deal only in branded quality products and take guarantee that our products are a 100% genuine and authentic. We even offer EMS & Door To Door delivery services through DHL & other reputed freight forwarders.

3S Corporation was established in the year 1999 with the prime objective for exporting branded and high-quality medicines to every nook, corner and cranny of our country and the world. Initially, we traded into a wide range of products from solvents, pigments, chemicals, resins, inks and markers. In the year 2010, we successfully secured our wholesaler license for trading in pharmaceuticals and started merchant exports for anti-cancer medicines and oncology drugs. In the year, 2011 we expanded our product range to generic medicines, cardiac drugs, diabetic drugs, sex enhancement drugs, so on and so forth.

3S Corporation is a proprietary firm and was formed in the year 1999. Its proprietor is Mr. Omprakash Mantry who has been an rock-solid asset to the company’s success and policies with great knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry in India and abroad.

We also have our sister-concern who is into manufacturing of industrial markers for metal, textile and other industries viz. Century Ink, which is India’s largest manufacturer for permanent industrial markers, SK Trading, Century Commerce Co & Kalash Merchants.

We have a great network of known vendors and outlets for our products. The products we offer are 100% original and are manufactured by well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers like Novartis, Roche, Dr. Reddy’s etc.

The motto of 3S Corporation has always been to provide and serve all its clients the best possible products with the best possible service. So far, we have managed well to stick to our high held principles well and we pledge that we will continue to do so.

Our Customers
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Hospitals & Other Treatment Centres
  • Drug Developers & Sponsors
  • Re-sellers
  • Multinational Organisation
  • Government Institutions
  • Direct Patients
Our Markets

Our primary markets are European, Middle East & American markets which include United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Bulgaria, Barbados, Hungary, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Ukraine, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and more. We also have supply network for pharmaceuticals to African, South-east Asian and Arab nations.

We are also engaged in supplying pharmaceuticals to major wholesalers and retailers within India too.

Why Buy from Us?

India is country currently with a huge population, where diseases among young and old is rife and therefore the demand for drugs and medicines is huge and is bought and sold in bulk quantities too. Therefore, the prices of the pharmaceutical brands are much cheaper here that compared to other less populated countries including Europe and Africa. The taxes imposed on the medicines here are also lower compared to other nations thus reducing the cost. Also, being a Tier 3 country India’s products can be used in most under-developed and developing nations by still maintaining a good profit margin in the trade-off.

Another big factor is that the pharmaceutical products packaging produced for Indian market have the description in English unlike other nations where it is in local language, thus removing the language barrier which is an important criteria these days for doing business in many countries.

3S Corporation has a well-developed, well-maintained supply chain network in the pharmaceutical industry, which enables us to provide customized quantities (small or bulk) of pharmaceuticals with customized packaging to its clients all over the world at affordable prices. We are experts in cold chain packaging for temperature sensitive medicines and possess all necessary equipment and tools to deal with them.

Payment Terms

Our business philosophy is to take full payment prior to any shipment of the products. However, with regular clients we also accept Letter of Credit.

As an organization we specialize in providing bulk quantities of oncology drugs and anti-cancer injections as per their requirements and packaging. We possess high quality storage equipments needed to store the medicinal drugs and injections.

Being bulk exporters of pharmaceutical drugs and oncology medicines we are fully aware about the storage requirements and packaging needs of different medicines and drugs. At 3S Corporation, we ensure that use the best quality packaging material for all our shipments.


We at 3S Corporation, continue to expand our horizon as per the changing demands of the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to expand our product line & supply high quality drugs & medicines at competitive prices. Our foremost responsibility remains to be the life & good health of millions of patients who use our products.

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We Are Here For You

Being bulk exporters of pharmaceutical drugs & oncology medicines we are fully aware about the storage requirements & packaging needs of different medicines and drugs. At 3S Corporation, we ensure that use the best quality packaging material for our shipments.


At 3S Corporation, we take pains to make sure that Over and above the outside packing of the medicine, each dose/pack is packed separately with FDA approved plastic sheets so that there is no damage or possibility of water leakage that can further harm the pack or the medicine inside. We use high quality thermocol boxes along with sponge on the sides in the carton to withstand any possible shocks and poor handling. The thermocol is then packed with an outside carton which is also rolled with a plastic sheet for further maintenance. For temperature controlled shipments, we put ice packs in the thermocol box which maintain the temperature inside the box. The ice packs are also packed with plastic sheets to ensure no water damage to the pack.


We have tie-ups with several airlines, courier services and freight forwarders who make air shipments to our clients directly. We even do temperature controlled shipments for sensitive medicines like vials which need to be kept at certain temperatures. We use the highest quality grade of packaging material and have a separate packaging department with well-trained staff to ensure global packaging standards specified by our clients.

Storage and Facility

We have a separate refrigeration unit manufactured by BlueStar India with temperature sensors and alarm systems inside that help us to store medicines which are require temperature of 2-8 degrees. We have even installed backend system to keep check of the temperature inside the cold room for auditors. Our office facility is also 100% centrally air-conditioned.

Our Core Team

OmPrakash Mantry

Piyansh Mantry

Bela Desai

Jisha Sukumaran